Vintage Omega Replica Watches With Swiss Movements For Men UK

1963 Replica Omega Seamaster Automatic ref. 14770SC

His 1963 Omega Seamaster Automatic ref. 14770SC replica is 34mm in diameter, with an 18K yellow gold case and integrated Omega bracelet that will currently fit a 19cm wrist. Bracelets of this era may need to be cut to size, which can be a bit tedious, so definitely confirm if it will be necessary as well as what your wrist size is. If the luxury replica watch uk does meet your wrist specifications it is a classic and best quality clone Omega Seamaster that’s well worth adding to your collection.

Offers: $6,000-$9,000
1968 Fake Omega Speedmaster pre-moon ref. 145.022 68ST

This 1968 copy Omega Speedmaster pre-moon ref. 145.022 68ST has clearly been loved in its lifetime, outfitted on its bracelet in original condition. Based on the image, it would appear a DON (dot over ninety) bezel is present – a more coveted collector configuration. Inside is the Albert Piguet designed cam chronograph Calibre 861, the successor to the also Albert Piguet designed 321 column wheel movement. Vintage Speedmasters are always in demand, the steel bracelet copy Omega Moonwatch a reference all watch and space enthusiasts encounter due to its rich history.
Offers: $15,000 – $22,000