Fantastic Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Displayed On The Neighborhood Earth

The exhibition named Neighborhood Earth was held in an aerospace museum in USA which belongs to NASA.It has been distributed into many display areas including moon landing,Mars,international space station,holographic education and interactive games and so on.However, in a special area,many precious UK timepieces knockoff are exhibited which are for Omega Speedmaster collection,covering the whole evolvement transversion of the Speedmaster collection as well the first Omega taken into outer space.The Speedmaster was created for racing firstly in 1957.

Five years later,Wally Schirra,the astronaut from NASA,has entered into outer space wearing the Omega CK 2988,making it the first Omega timepiece in space,meanwhile, raising the curtain of the special outer space process of Omega Speedmaster Collection.On July 21,1969,Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon with the forth generation Speedmaster,which became the first moonwatch of Omega.From now on,Omega has accompanied the spacemen to land on the moon for all the six times. It was not only used in all the aerospace project, but also being the permanent equipment of international space institution.

The 44.25mm model has a completely brushed black ceramic case with an 18K Sedna gold bezel. Classic Omega with black ceramic bezel.

Brown Hours Markers Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Replica

In memory of the accomplishments of Apollo 8 moon landing for 50 years, Omega launches a Omega Dark Side Of The Moon Apollo 8.The special Sedna black Omega Moonwatch replica watches developed with exquisite hollow case shows the surface of moon.The color of movement plywood has been handled specially into dark black.It is equipped with calibre 9300 mechanical movement and leather strap.

On the case back,each unique limited edition number can be found,along with the original seahorse medallion.

Black Strap Omega Speedmaster Replica

The other limited edition CK 2998,using the classic design of the traditional CK2998 as its inspiration and this time only 2998 pieces have been launched to salute to the classical Omega Speedmaster which is renowned worldwide for it’s the first moon watch.The new model is equipped with Omega mechanical automatic movement 1861,which is as same as the original one,performing excellent in chronograph and ability of anti-magnetic.The 39.9mm copy Omega CK2998 watches with pulsometer scale is convenient for users to check heartbeats per minute.