Porsche And Singer Limited Edition Cheap Replica Watches UK

Singer cheap fake watches are acclaimed California-based (re)maker of 911s that are essentially Porsche 964s rebuilt with high-end, modern components like a new electrical system and iPod connectivity. Agenhor, on the other hand, is a movement maker based in Geneva led by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht that is behind wristwatches from famous names like Van Cleef & Arpels and MB&F.

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The two precision engineering outfits came together for the Track 1, a chronograph with a 1970s style powered by a remarkably advanced movement – the somewhat more affordable horological equivalent of the US$400,000 Singer 911. It’s the first wristwatch by Singer Reimagined, a watchmaker set up by Singer co-founder Rob Dickinson, Wiederrecht and Marco Borracino, who spent four years as chief designer at Panerai.

The Track 1 is chronograph first and wristwatch second. All the chronograph counters on the Track 1 are co-axial on the centre of the dial, with the time-telling hour and minute hands relegated to the periphery.

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A “3×60” chronograph display takes up the silvered central portion of the dial with all three of its counters – hours, minutes and seconds – equipped with instantaneous, or jumping, hands. On the outer edge is the tachymeter, and next to it the 60-second scale with orange accents and an orange seconds hand. The innermost scale is for both hours and minutes, each indicated by an orange-tipped hand.