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In 2009, Ulysse Nardin introduced Moonstruck series replica watches UK, a watch that was much more than a timepiece to tell the time. Its functionality was based upon an idea that previous owner Rolf Schnyder had for a watch with a tidal display that worked properly regardless of the geographical location of its owner; existing tidal watches to that point were only able to show the tides in certain geographical locations.

The Moonstruck tides

The tides, as Oechslin well knew, are not only caused by gravitational effects of the moon, but also by those of the sun.
The starring role on the Moonstruck’s geocentric dial Ulysse Nardin fake watches however occupied by the earth, which is now artistically displayed as it would be seen if one were looking down from above the North Pole. The earth does not revolve on the dial; instead, two disks as they would be seen from the Northern Hemisphere do the revolving.

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This more simplified version of the Moonstruck now no longer visually concentrates on the tidal indication, but rather that which makes the tides possible: the moon’s orbit and the visible path of the sun in the sky as the earth revolves around it.

Addition of world time

It would always have been possible to add world time to this watch, but the original edition with its gorgeously enameled dial Ulysse Nardin fake watches seemed busy enough with its display of spring and neap tides, so Schnyder made the decision back then to have the watch just show a second time zone/24-hour display. It is also outfitted with Ulysse Nardin’s plus-minus GMT controls, which make traveling with a mechanical watch so practical and such a breeze to set and re-set. The time zones are easily mastered both backward and forward in one-hour increments (and still are on the new rendition of the Moonstruck).

The new arrangement of this Moonstruck’s dial made it possible to add world time without overloading the information shown by taking out the spring and neap tides: the 24 time zones are added to the map of the earth in the center of the dial, while a typical world time ring with reference cities has been added to the outermost part of the dial, just past a ring that displays 24 time zones and a day/night indicator (the freshly arranged 24-hour time or second time zone) carrying the sun disk.

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The time is very discretely shown by two hands poking out from behind the earth with luminous tips making it easy to read the time in adverse lighting conditions. A lume-tipped date hand points to numerals on the ring surrounding the fixed earth map to display the current date.