Montblanc Summit Black Dial Leather Strap Luxury Replica Watches UK

As the master of our digital domain, my first choice for Sumit would be a Montblanc Summit replica Smartwatch (no pun intended — really!). Connected devices may or may not be watches per se, depending on your point of view, but they are definitely making an impact on the horological scene. With Android Wear 2.0, the platform has taken a tremendous leap forward in usability and compatibility with iOS, and Montblanc’s approach is heavily inspired by its 1858 collection, maintaining a strong link with traditional timepieces. The easily interchangeable straps would also give Sumit many choices to match his sartorial sense, and the Summit would encourage him, with the Google Fitness app, to leave the digital domain on occasion, while still receiving all notifications that might require him to post a breaking story on forever watch.

Montbanc replica watches UK.

The next Montblanc fake watches UK are the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph. Not only does the elegantly classical watch suit Sumit’s impeccable attire, it has a link to his life prior to joining Revolution; you may or may not know that Sumit has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, and the Harmony Chronograph provides a nod to his academic years, as the chronograph scale is a pulsometer, harkening back to the days when the medical field relied on chronographs to measure your heart rate. As the chronograph is engaged, you count 30 heartbeats, and stop the chronograph; the hand would then point to the measured heart rate. It might prove useful for Sumit to manage the stress levels that come with embargo dates and the timing of exclusive stories as they’re posted on our website.

Lastly, I hope that Santa Claus sees it fit to bring Sumit a Tudor Black Bay Dark. This would round out his horological choices, providing an excellent watch to wear on weekends or when a more casual timepiece is called for. I specifically chose the Dark version though, as Sumit has shown that he has an interest and great talent for black-and-white photography. The Tudor Black Bay Dark is a study in monochromatic horological excellence, not to mention a tremendous value.