Swiss Luxury UK Fake OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Chronometer

The final two replica watches in today’s round-up all come from the Planet Ocean family. They’re watches you’ve likely seen before, but each deserves a closer look, and each for a specific reason.

First up, a white-dial, orange-bezel Planet Ocean that is OMEGA’s way of reflecting on its recent dive-watch history. If you’ve followed OMEGA throughout the 21st century, you’ll likely know that the waterproof fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is the most recent dive-watch development from the brand. Born only in 2005, the Planet Ocean is a hard-core dive watch, but splits the difference between the Seamaster Diver 300M and Ploprof’s depth ratings, with a more-than-solid 600 meters of water resistance. Since it was first added to the catalog, the Planet Ocean has been associated with the color orange, and this 2019 edition highlights the color with a bright orange ceramic bezel that contrasts with the clean polished ceramic white dial. It’s a killer look, and a fitting one for such a serious sport watch.

Rounding out the group is a smaller diameter Planet Ocean, measuring 39.5mm, with a blue ceramic dial and bezel, and then the large-and-in-charge steel bracelet replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, forum-famous for its substantial thickness. Opt for the 39.5mm Planet Ocean if you like the PO looks but prefer watches in the sub-40mm range, or go for the PO Chronograph if you want the biggest, boldest chronograph on the beach this summer. It’s hard to go wrong, whatever you decide is right for you.

Danny Milton: The UK 36mm Replica Rolex Explorer In Rolesor, Ref. 124273

What else am I going to pick here? Rolex took the standard-bearer of exploration and gave it the two-tone treatment (in 36mm!). Arguably the most talked-about watch of this release cycle, the two-tone gold and steel bracelet replica Rolex Explorer is about as shocking a Rolex drop as they come.

After digesting its existence, I found myself returning to press images of it. There are just so many elements I can’t stop looking at. Most notable is the yellow gold contrasting against the black dial. Really, it’s the yellow-gold surrounds on the markers and numerals that solidify this cheap fake Rolex Explorer ref.124273. I realize that my constant defense of two-tone is approaching self-parody, but I gotta be me!

Despite the well-documented hate, this is a decidedly interesting release from Rolex that should age well (but who can predict such things). Considering I seem to be alone here on Two-Tone aaa quality copy Rolex Explorer Island, I vote we name it the “Danny Milton.” Anyone want to second the motion on the floor?

UK High-end fake Breitling Launches #BreitlingSelect, a New Mono-brand Watch Subscription Program

On March 9, Swiss watchmaker Breitling replica unveiled its latest initiative in the new #BreitlingSelect program, a mono-brand watch subscription service. The program, which according to perfect replica Breitling is the first subscription service to be offered by a singular independent brand, is the company’s latest effort towards expanding its reach to a larger audience, after its previous partnership with Crown & Caliber for an online trade-in program in 2019.

#BreitlingSelect Subscription Program

The program will allow subscribers to try up to three Swiss movement copy Breitling watches within a 12-month contract period, each of which can be chosen from a select portfolio of watches curated by the brand. The cost of the program will include a one-time subscription fee of $450, followed by a monthly payment of $129 for the duration of the year-long contract. Following the program’s conclusion after 12-months, subscribers will be offered one of the three watches for purchase as a value-added piece of the subscription.

#BreitlingSelect Subscription Program

Breitling’s new program comes on the heels of previous subscription services, all of which were multi-brand, including WatchGang and the now-defunct Eleven James, and represents the first time a singular brand has launched a subscription service in-house. If the program proves successful in expanding Breitling’s reach to new consumers, it may well signal a shift in the market and inspire other large brands to follow suit.
The #BreitlingSelect program is currently available exclusively to consumers within the United States, though aaa quality copy Breitling has said it’s planning to release complementary services to other countries later on.