Best Replica Nomos Orion Midnight Edition Blue Dial Leather Strap Watches UK

As part of a collaboration with Timeless Watches of Texas, German Nomos best replica watches UK have released two reimagined “midnight” blue versions of their Orion watch line. The new Nomos Orion Midnight Edition watches for Timeless provide an option that combines the distinctly German Bauhaus style of Nomos with a very cool “midnight” blue dial with either silver- or gold-accented hands and markers. Not just satisfied with aesthetic changes, the movement has also been updated to feature the Nomos swing system, which is a nice upgrade to the existing Alpha movement.


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The Nomos Orion series replica watches are a minimalist piece that measures 38mm wide featuring a seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and while you can get a date window with the standard Nomos Orion, the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition version doesn’t have the option. In my opinion, that’s the way to go since the Bauhaus and minimalist ethos is best left undisturbed. Also, a break in the midnight blue by a date window would be a shame.
As someone who naturally gravitates towards larger watches since my wrist measures just around 7.5 inches, I’d typically find a 38mm-wide piece to be a bit small for me. And, while it does feel just a little smaller than I’d want it to be, I am for the most part content with the case size as the dial is quite wide and doesn’t sacrifice much real estate for the bezel. Would something like 40mm make it more appealing for me, personally? Sure, but I have the distinct sense that Nomos isn’t trying to adhere to contemporary measurements but are rather sticking to their design and aesthetic ethos.


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The long, curved lugs make this watch look appropriate on the larger wrist, as well. The lugs combined with the thin profile, which measures at around 8.8mm thick Nomos cheap fake watches, make this about as sleek and cool of a dress watch as you can get for the price. I feel I should point out that if you’re like me and prefer to wear your watch closer to the wrist, the slim proportions of the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition (and the standard Orion, obviously) make it so you can easily type on a keyboard if you use it as an office watch. There are several times when I’ve seen people have to take off their watch when typing, so it’s actually a pretty practical benefit.