Baume & Mercier Unveils Clifton 1830 Five-Minute Repeater Pocket Replica Watches

Nearly two hundred years of watchmaking heritage and mastery characterize replica watches manufacturer Baume & Mercier, whose timepieces are the perfect gift for all celebrations. In honor of the brand’s 185th anniversary, Baume & Mercier celebrated with two new exquisite timepieces that celebrate top-quality craftsmanship and special moments.

Replica-Baume & Mercier-Clifton 1830The 18-karat 5N rose gold Clifton 1830 pocket replica watches uk is a five-minute repeater pocket watch inspired by Baume & Mercier’s historic creations of the 19th century, yet translated with modern flair. A portrait of heritage and tradition, this watch merges the classic brand design with intricate engineering. A transparent case back allows one to marvel at the complexity. The Clifton 1830, produced in a limited number of 30 timepieces, is accompanied by a black calfskin  strap.

Baume & Mercier-Clifton 1830-ReplicaRecognizing that in Asia jade is a symbol of love and commitment, Baume & Mercier unveils the stunning Promesse Jade. Featuring a jade bezel accented by 60 diamonds it represents an elegant lucky charm. The timepiece features a clean white dial with an exquisite oval bezel and a round case sitting upon a striking white strap. The monotone coloring of the Baume & Mercier replica watches sale enhances the bold jade bezel. Just eight (the Asian lucky number) of these timepieces will be created.

Baume & Mercier-Promesse-Jade-Replica