Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Skeleton Dial Replica Watches UK

Whatever you may think about watch/car partnerships, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini  limited edition fake watches UK are brands that evoke pretty passionate responses, positive and negative, among basically anyone who cares enough about watches or cars to have an opinion at all.

While certainly not for everyone, each has die-hard advocates and, unsurprisingly, there’s a fair amount of overlap between their client bases. (Roger Dubuis CEO Jean-Marc Pontroue says that he had the idea to make something happen with Lamborghini after repeatedly hearing the supercar’s name come up when he asked his watch clients what else they were into.) I have to confess that when I first heard about this partnership, I wondered what might happen when Lambo and RD got together and let their respective supercar and super-watch DNA interact. I was willing to bet it would be more than just another ho-hum collaboration piece – and I wasn’t disappointed.

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The first timepiece to result from the five-year deal between Roger Dubuis replica watches UK and Lamborghini is the Excalibur Aventador S, made in carbon fiber with two escapements, a deadbeat seconds display, and a movement inspired by the engine block of the Lamborghini Aventador. Like a Lamborghini – and like most every Roger Dubuis for that matter – this watch is brash and expensive. Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini each make about 3,500 units annually, and in the case of Lamborghini, every single car is pre-sold and customized.

There are two versions of the inaugural collaboration watch. Both are a limited editions, one in 88 pieces and the other in just eight, so it’s not like you’re going to spy them under the glass at every local watch merchant. Roger Dubuis has expressed an interest in offering bespoke watch customization to Lamborghini buyers at points of sale too, though that’s not yet available.

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